Programa de recuperación para mujeres jóvenes Cornerstone

Gandara’s Cornerstone Recovery Program for Young Women is a residential drug and alcohol treatment and recovery program for transition-age youth and young adult women and those identifying as women, (ages 18-25).


El programa utiliza un modelo de tratamiento de marco global para comprender cabalmente las necesidades de las jóvenes y sus familias. Está guiado por la joven y su familia, es sensible a las prácticas culturales e idiomáticas y se basa en las fortalezas y los recursos de las participantes para apoyar la recuperación y el bienestar. El contenido del tratamiento está impulsado por la participante, con ayuda del personal y la ayuda familiar o de la comunidad. Length of stay is based on individual need.


Participants live in a structured milieu that reinforces a culture of recovery and well-being; self-regulation skills; and activities that promote self-esteem, leadership skills, and promotes social connected with family, peers, and community supports. Treatment addresses drug/alcohol use and associated problems, challenges, and obstacles which impact their capacity to live a life free from problem use of alcohol and drugs.


Entre las actividades del programa se encuentran: Individual and group therapy, psycho-education and skills-building groups; trauma/recovery and safety groups; linkages to peer leadership, volunteer, education, employment, transitional financial and housing support.


Activities including exercise and fresh air walks are provided, as are mindfulness meditation, an expressive arts program, family education support and aftercare planning.


Lugar: Ware
Contacto: (413) 758-4050 Program Director

Eligibility:  Women ages 18-25 who have met the ASAM Criteria for admission to this program, who are able to participate in a structured residential treatment setting and in the development of a treatment plan to address treatment goals.