Some Gándara Family commemorations: below are some noteworthy work anniversaries of employees at the agency in the month of May.

5 Years

Thomas Alimberti, In Home Therapy (Springfield/Holyoke)
Cassie Brown, Continuum (Chicopee)
Paula Dembinske, GRSW (Holyoke)
Kristin Espinosa, In Home Therapy (Springfield/Holyoke)
Cassandra Miller, Continuum (Chicopee)
Vicenta Morales, DMR Residential, 127 Allison Lane (Springfield)
Francisco Otero, Alternative Options (Chicopee)
Deborah Velez-Perez, CSA Services (Springfield/Holyoke)

10 Years

Sondra McMillan-King, Fort Pleasant (Springfield)

Congratulations everyone!