Our September newsletter is online! Read an inspiring recovery story of Jeremiah a former resident of our Hairston House; our Foster Parent program; Gándara National Recovery Month events (including Hope for Holyoke’s trip to Boston for the Recovery March on Monday); a story about suicide prevention…and more.

Jeremiah (pictured above) thought he had hit bottom two years ago when he and his wife separated because of his addictions. His parents had long given up on him and cut off all contact. He hardly ever saw his three kids. But things got worse. Soon homeless and living in a tent, he reached the point where he was questioning whether or not he wanted to live.

But from the depths of despair he finally sought the treatment he desperately needed. During one of his final days at the Gándara Center’s Hairston House, a community-based recovery program for men in Northampton, Jeremiah recalled his struggles—and his triumphs over them.

Read the newsletter at http://bit.ly/Gandaraseptnews.