Servicios Esperanza de Apoyo Transicional para Mujeres (TSS) de Gándara

The Transitional Support Services (TSS) model is short-term residential program for women or those identifying as women, that provides further stabilization and case management following acute care or clinical support service levels of care, through referrals from public shelters, or through self-referral.  Acceptance to the program is based upon the ASAM Criteria, resident needs and the program capacity to meet those needs.


The primary role of the TSS is to provide a 24-hour structured, supportive, and safe environment. Assessment and referral for long-term care in residential settings is provided, as clinically indicated, for all residents.


Residents are offered psycho-education, exercise, art, and family engagement groups during their treatment stay. Gándara Esperanza Women’s TSS will:

  • Assist women to learn about ways to remain free from the problem use of alcohol and drugs,
  • Provide priority access to pregnant women, IV drug users, Hispanic and African-American women, and LGBTQ+ applicants.
  • Provide aftercare planning and placement with the use of the ASAM Criteria for those who need and wish to remain in a long-term treatment and for those returning to community with outpatient providers in place.

Residents will be provided with limited transportation to community health facilities; and providers; will be offered support and transportation to attend legal hearings and DCF-related appointments.  El personal de enfermería está disponible en la unidad al menos 4 horas, los 7 días de la semana.


Location: Westfield, MA
Contacto: (413) 296-6030  Clinical Director
Elegibilidad: Must be a Massachusetts resident and at least 18 years old. Priority population is Hispanic, African-American, LGBTQ+, homeless, pregnant, post-partum women and women living with HIV/AIDS.
Referrals accepted from all levels of care, hospitals, OPT providers, homeless shelters, and self-referrals.
Seguro: MassHealth